if you are passionate about political satires, you will be familiar with George Orwell (1903-1950). among the handful of works Orwell had written, the most notable would no doubt be 1984 (1949), which is why these limited edition t-shirts, the George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print, caught our attention. these limited edition tees celebrates the novel’s trip to the finals in this year’s Book Madness Tournament (where, unfortunately, it loses the bout to another great classic To Kill A Mockingbird). throughout the years, there are tons covers for 1984, but none speaks more authoritatively than the artwork by Paul Bacon, which these tees are based on. the polyester/cotton fitted tee features the iconic Big Brother watching graphic, supported by the book title ‘1984‘ along with the author’s name on its front, and on its back, is another but smaller Big Brother watching icon. in case you are wondering, the Paul Bacon dust jacket design of George Orwell’s despotic tale appeared on the Harcourt Brace International edition. available in four colors: gray, indigo, turquoise, and purple, the George Orwell 1984 T-Shirts by Out of Print is purposely priced at $19.84 each, coinciding with the book’s title. furthermore, with each shirt purchased, a book will be donated to a community in need, and therefore, you are not only scoring yourself an uber cool tee adorned with a powerful classic literature cover, but you will also be doing some good for the community. so what’s not to love? also available for the fairer sex with the same color range and pricing.

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