if you like exploring the wild, running mirror edge’s style, then you wouldn’t want a heavy backpack to bog you down, neither do you want to venture in without the essentials to survive in the wild. for that, the Dakine BC Vest, an utility vest with built-in backpack, offers a solution between a cumbersome backpack and bringing nothing at all. while the official product name, BC Vest, doesn’t imply much, this sleek looking (almost Bourne-like, we must say) vest actually features a backpack built into the vest that already has as many pockets as any regular adventurer needs. perfect for trekking into the wood or hitting the snowy alps or whatever while still be able to stuff in essentials such as shovel (collapsible type, of course), radio, hydration, ski skins and the likes, without the bulge or heft like traditional backpacks. not too mention, the vest styling offers the much needed weight distribution throughout your shoulders, hence avoiding potential fatigue when on long treks. additionally, its streamlined, snug fit eliminates chances of getting snag to tree branches or similar situations when you are tackling the wilderness. heck, it could even be the perfect solution to our always-packed public commute. no? just ask yourself this: haven’t you had your backpack caught to somebody else’s or some other things while moving through a jam pack area? it happens, we know. all told, the BC Vest appears to be a tease for now as there are no words on its pricing or availability. the BC Vest from Dakine was recently showcased at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show at Salt Lake City, Utah.

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