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Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case Is A Super Stylish Way To Store and Carry Whatever You Need

roll up case is not new, but one that has the flexibility to stow away objects ranging from tools, stationery, jewelry and even your priced watches as you desire, is arguably, far and few between. and this is precisely why the Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case had our attention because it is the one roll bag that promised flexibility as far as what can be stored is concerned. in fact, it can accommodate a wide variety of items that it is hard to even give it an official name. a pencil case? a tool bag? an artist bag? it is basically, whatever you want it to be and hence, the simple product name of roll up leather case. you have seven slots to manipulate, of which five are of 1″ width while the remaining two are larger 1.5″ slots. the roll up leather case measures 8″ x 12″ (when unrolled) which allows it to store up to 8-inch long/short items. it has a single adjustable suede strap, measuring 26 inches long, that lets you adjust based on the content within. Continue reading Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case Is A Super Stylish Way To Store and Carry Whatever You Need

Hard Graft Draw Pen Case

unless you have a pen that folds, we would imagine you will need something to carry them around, well, that is assuming you still depends on pen to jolt down notes or doodles. i still carry a pen, mainly for filling out lottery forms (don’t look at me that way, i need those money as much as you do) and not having a proper containment is a bit of a headache, and i don’t expect myself to be bringing along a pencil case to do the job (it’s kind of an overkill, you know?), so for that the uber stylish Hard Graft Draw Pen Case might just comes in handy. designed for stowing a pen or two (depending on your pen thickness), the Draw Pen Case continues with Hard Graft’s tradition of Italian craftsmanship with premium vegetable tanned Italian leather – hand-stained, no less, and features a full Italian wool padded interior to keep your favorite writing implement free from scratches and similar to its Draw Key Pouch counterpart, it has a tactile Japanese cotton cord for drawing the opening to a close to prevent the pens from falling out. Continue reading Hard Graft Draw Pen Case

Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases

the funny thing is, even though we have featured countless writing instruments here, not once have we seriously talked about the cases that protect them. though we did feature a handful of cases, not one of them is specifically design for your everyday pens. so naturally, we are pretty excited to see the Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases on Kickstarter. created by Brad Dowdy, founder of The Pen Addict, and Jeffrey Bruckwicki of J. Bruckwicki P+D, the Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases are answers to discerning pen users’ quest for the perfect vessel for their favorite writing instruments. made not mistake – these are not leather, classy stuff; these are real world, practical pen cases which you actually use on daily basis and most importantly, they don’t cost a bomb. Continue reading Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases

Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian

uniformity is a quality that something most people love, but being conforming beings, we didn’t quite give the un-uniformed norm a thought. what if, your commonly used items such as stationery could be uniformed in design? awesome? we would think so. with that in mind, designer Yu Jian set out to design a truly aesthetically consistence stationery set dubbed as the Empty Bamboo Stationery Set. there are no technological innovations here, but giving commonly used office accessories such as tape dispenser, stapler, clip, pencil case, desk clock, and even USB flash drive and USB hub, a bamboo-clad makeover. together with the clever use of metal elements, the Bamboo Stationery Set will give your desk the dream-only uniformity to your desk – IF only your Mac or whatever computer you are using comes in this environmentally-friendly wood models too. Continue reading Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian

TravelTeq Leather Pencil Holder

TravelTeq Leather Pencil Holder
(photos: TravelTeq) TravelTeq Leather Pencil Holder | €65.00 | www.travelteq.com

great artists draw their inspiration from anywhere and thus, they tote their tools of their trade along with them anywhere they go. if you are one style-conscious, traveling artist, you probably don’t want to be spotted with a dull looking pencil case but instead, a cool and classy Leather Pencil Holder like this one from TravelTeq should be a necessity. handcrafted from Florentine Vacchetta leather in Italy to fit up to 19 pencils and rolls up into neat package that will look good both on your studio’s desk and in the wilderness. as a deal-sealer, TravelTeq has included some high quality Sakura color pencils from Bruynzeel to start you off. of course, you can always slot in your pencils of your choice if you desire. the TravelTeq Leather Pencil Holder retails for €65 (about US$85). larger views awaits after the break. Continue reading TravelTeq Leather Pencil Holder

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection 900x600px
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection | from US$24.00 | www.tokidoki.it

Tokidoki has given many iconic characters of our time a Tokidoki-style makeover and the latest to be put through this makeover session is the iconic feline without mouth aka Hello Kitty. if you are purist fan of Hello Kitty, you might not be amused but for Tokidoki fans, the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty should be equally collectable like the Marvel and Barbie collections. the collection includes a laptop case ($55), an organizer ($45), a hand bag ($175), a luggage ($280), a pencil case ($24), a necklace ($36) and a wristwatch ($75). the star of the print is of course, Ms Kitty herself dressed up as Tokidoki’s Sandy, accompanied by her new found friends. Continue reading Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection