unless you have a pen that folds, we would imagine you will need something to carry them around, well, that is assuming you still depends on pen to jolt down notes or doodles. i still carry a pen, mainly for filling out lottery forms (don’t look at me that way, i need those money as much as you do) and not having a proper containment is a bit of a headache, and i don’t expect myself to be bringing along a pencil case to do the job (it’s kind of an overkill, you know?), so for that the uber stylish Hard Graft Draw Pen Case might just comes in handy. designed for stowing a pen or two (depending on your pen thickness), the Draw Pen Case continues with Hard Graft’s tradition of Italian craftsmanship with premium vegetable tanned Italian leather – hand-stained, no less, and features a full Italian wool padded interior to keep your favorite writing implement free from scratches and similar to its Draw Key Pouch counterpart, it has a tactile Japanese cotton cord for drawing the opening to a close to prevent the pens from falling out.

it is a simple concept, made cool and stylish by clever use of materials and excellent craftsmanship. so now you know what to get if you want to be on the stylish side when bringing along that age-old writing implements, though it is worthy to note that being stylish requires some form of dough and in this case, it would set you back at £50, or about US$82, based on what Google tells us at time of this writing. check out a few more look in the hi-res image gallery below.

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