COVID-19 is a disease unleashed by supervillain novel coronavirus and if Spider-Man were to fight it, he probably have to switch out one of his web shooters for the PumpPiX. Alas, the friendly neighborhood superhero isn’t real. So, he won’t be here to wear this. You, however, is real and can totally use PumpPiX.

PumpPiX Wrist-worn Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Worn on the wrist like the web slinger’s web shooter, PumpPiX negates the need for individual small bottles and also eliminates the hassle of carrying one in your hand or purse. Each refill is good for over 100 pumps and each pump is enough to sanitize both hands, front and back, and in between fingers.

What’s good of Spidey’s web shooter when it can kill bacteria, viruses and germs, right? That makes the PumpPiX Wrist-worn Hand Sanitizer Dispenser a true superhero hardware and you who wear it, ermm, the Sanitizer-Man?

PumpPiX Wrist-worn Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The only downside is, you can’t trigger it one-handed like Spider-Man. You have wear it on one wrist and use the hand to activate it. The fine mist of this virus-busting liquid can also use on surfaces like door handles, shopping cart handle and more.

PumpPiX is available through Kickstarter for $29 or more. The campaign is funded. It will be manufactured in the U.S. to ensure prompt delivery in August.

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Images: PumpPiX.

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