Brass Stow-Away Capsule

Brass Stow-Away Capsule
Brass Stow-Away Capsule | US$32.00 |

the most undesirable words when you are shopping for something are the words ‘sold out’ but that doesn’t deter us from featuring this nifty device, simply known as the Brass Stow-Away Capsule. though small, it might be your best friend for your outdoor adventure activities such as camping, island hopping, kayaking or whatever. this hand turned brass object is water tight to 200psi and provides a safe house for your small valuables including matches, cash or just about anything that can fit in there. included is a military-spec self-tensioning lanyard for keeping it close to you and a liquid-dampened compass that let you check in on your bearing when you out in the wild. we would most definitely classify this $32 accessory as a survival tool and a must-have camping essential. a few more look after the break.

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