the Walrus Chair and Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera Rhino and Walrus Chair 900x722px
(image: Maximo Riera) The Rhino Chair and Walrus Chair | US$tba |

after awing the world with his impressive Octopus Chair, Spaniard artist Maximo Riera continues his Animal Chair collection with the Rhino Chair and Walrus Chair. again, the theme continues with the union of the magnificent animals with furniture. like its predecessor, the Rhino Chair features an inner frame along its body to support the weight and reinforce its balance. in the wild, facing the Rhino is equivalent to facing an imminent danger but with this particular chair, you will get to face and admire this magnificent creature with all its mightiness without being intimidated. due its “superlative size and presence”, Maximo regards the Rhino Chair more of a throne than simply as a chair, which i couldn’t agree more. this is one Rhino that won’t trample on your fireplace, best of both worlds.
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the Walrus Chair, on the hand, is a Chaise Longue and it is by no accident that it becomes one. given the profile of this animal, a Chaise Longue is a logical choice with the deep-buttoned cushioned fused into the animal seamlessly. the beautiful creation of the nature is vividly portrayed by Riera’s work, right down to the Walrus’s think skin wrinkles resting along the surface to the creature’s skin texture. no word on when these work of arts will be available for purchase but for those resides in the UK, you have a chance to catch of glimpse of the Rhino Chair at the 100% Design London show from September 22 – 25, 2011. check out a gallery of these awesome chairs after the break.

Maximo Riera via DesignBoom

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