Scissors. This cross-bladed, common everyday tool was invented by the Romans around C.E. 100 and while its look has evolved over the centuries, the principle behind remains status quo – until now. A young startup by the name of ReExcite thinks it may have made the most important innovation in scissor design in 2,000 years. That’s a bold claim and so is the scissors they have reinvented. Dubbed Right Shears, this radical cutting device still employs the cross-blade design, but instead of the usual straight blade, it has blades that are right angle to the bows.

Right Shears Right Angle Scissors by ReExcite
Prototyping to arrive to what you see here today…

According to ReExcite, this configuration allows you to keep your hand out of the way of whatever you are cutting, and at the same time, offers superior ergonomics when working at a table or counter. Come to think about it, we do have problem cutting with existing scissors, especially when cutting hard materials like cardboards where hand tends to be in the way (and sometimes, getting cut by the board) as the cutting proceeds forward. So, Right Shears might have solved that age-old problem, but we won’t know for sure until we actually handle one ourselves.

The startup said Right Shears can cut just about anything typical scissors can, but with the bonus of not having to lift your elbow and shoulder. Basically, if it delivers as promised, you could say Right Shears is a cut above the rest. Right Shears has gone through prototyping phase and it will be leveraging on now-popular crowdfunding platform to gather the funds necessary to take it to production. If you are interested, you can hit up Right Shears’ website and sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

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