Have you ever ‘seen’ images in pattern, textured walls and floors? I am sure some of us have sometimes and so does British sculptor Debbie Lawson. Lawson not only see images, but she turn what she thought she may seen into sculptures that are incredibly surreal and mind-blowing. This particular series is related to animals and old style Persian rugs (she has experimented with other materials too). OK. Maybe they are mostly bears and old-fashioned rugs, really.

Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
“Red Bear”

Working in the space between two and three dimensions, Lawson use chicken wire, masking tape and identical or near-identical Persian carpets to create sculptures that appeared to have the animals stepping out of the hanging rugs. The results are what you see here and they are sure a sight to be hold. Though Lawson have created different types of animal like the stag, wild boar and eagle, but it seems to us Lawson has a thing for bears.

Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
“Red Bear Head”

The key sculpture is called “Red Bear” and it is only display at the Royal Academy of Arts in London from now up till August 19, 2018 as part of the 250th Summer Exhibition curated by Grayson Perry. Persian bear and the Moose in Persian rug are permanently displayed at London’s Town Hall Hotel. Odds are, most of us won’t make it to either place to admire these incredible work of art and so, why not hit up Lawson’s Instagram page to feast your eyes with the aforementioned sculptures and also take a peek at her other works, as wells studio process? Trust me, it is totally worth the look.

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Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
Close up of “Red Bear Head” and “White Stag”
Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
“White Stag”
Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
“Red Bear” and “Persian Bear”
Persian Rug Animal Sculptures
“Persian Bear”

Images: Debbie Lawson.

Source: Colossal.

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