Electric vehicle is synonymous with autonomous driving. Though it was not the case back in the 90s when self-driving was first explored by a South Korean professor. In any case, autonomous driving is kind of like a must-have if anyone is making an EV.

NIO ET7 Electric Vehicle with Autonomous Driving

The new NIO ET7 is one such EV with this “must-have”. While cars from Tesla is discreet with its self-driving capability, NIO ET7 makes no apologies about showing off it has autonomous driving sensing units on it.

The bumps on the roof says it all and if I can be honest, I looks a little awkward. I mean, the ET7 has a sleek design only to be marred by the three bumps on the front of the roof section.

NIO ET7 Electric Vehicle with Autonomous Driving

While it was revealed earlier this year, NIO ET7 has only made its auto show debut at the Shanghai Auto Show last month. And it was during this auto show that it has first revealed its interior.

It is the brand’s “smart electric flagship sedan” and features NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD) which packs NIO Aquila super sensing system and NIO Adam supercomputing platform that promised to offer “relaxing and safe point-to-point autonomous driving experience.” Self-driving will be available on highways, urban, parking and during battery swap.

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In addition to self-driving technology, NIO ET7 wants to be your second living room, a mobile living space, so to speak.

NIO ET7 Electric Vehicle with Autonomous Driving

On the outside it has some fancy exterior design, like double-dash daytime running lights, integrated X-Bar, 3D heartbeat taillight – all of which aren’t approved for the roads in China yet.

The unspecified electric drivetrain is capable of pushing the vehicle from naught to 100 (0-62 mph) in 3.9 seconds while a 150 kWh battery that offers a mind-bending 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of range.

Other highlights include soft-closing doors with frameless windows, so-called floating displays, two-spoke two-tone steering wheel, invisible smart air vents, Karuun Renewable Rattan interior, Nappa leather and microfiber headliner, smart fragrance and air quality systems, heated and ventilated seats with massage function, laminated glass, and a 1000-watt 23-speaker, 20-channel amplifier 7.1.4 sound system.

NIO ET7 Electric Vehicle with Autonomous Driving

China has, btw, an impossible number of EV makers. Back in 2018, China reportedly [CH] had nearly 500 companies maker EVs, including electric cars. However, many of such companies are no more than what termed as “PPT companies” that has nothing more than beautifully presented power point presentation.

NIO isn’t one of them. It has been around for a few years now and have actual cars on the road. It even once had a Razer collab EV.

NIO ET7 Electric Vehicle with Autonomous Driving

Images: NIO.

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