There is a new development from Boom Technology. The Colorado-based supersonic aircraft maker has taken to Farnborough International Airshow (July 18-22, 2022) to reveal the s0-called “production refined” Boom Supersonic Overture.

Production Refined Boom Supersonic Overture

TBH, I wasn’t prepared for it because it was a complete redesign of the original concept. Boom has ditched the original Concorde-style design in favor of a contour fuselage that the company said optimizes airflow to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

In addition, it now has a “compound modified delta planform” that is said to improve supersonic performance and subsonic stability, as well as maximize safety and efficiency and it has gull wings now, if ever so slightly. Gull wings help to reduce supersonic noise and minimize engine stress while the stabilizing tail – which it previously does not have – delivers balance and performance.

Production Refined Boom Supersonic Overture

Another major change is that it now has four engines as opposed to three. According to Boom, the four-engine design “delivers efficient supersonic performance, and maintains standard temperature ranges,” and allows the aircraft to fly without afterburners and thereby minimizing noise and reducing fuel consumption.

The supersonic passenger jet is still projected to make Mach 1.7 but the capacity has been trimmed to 65-80 passengers as opposed to the original 65-88 pax. Boom said that the “production refined” Overture is net zero carbon at Mach 1.7 and it will run on 100% SAF (sustainable aviation fuel).

Production Refined Boom Supersonic Overture

Other interesting numbers include 2x faster over water, 20% faster over land, 60,000 feet cruising altitude, and 4,250 Nautical Miles range (4,888 miles or 7,867 km). The aircraft is now a tad shorter at 201 feet (61.3 meters) from nose to tail (it was 205 feet/62.5 meters), and measures 106 feet (32.3 meters) from wingtip to wingtip.

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You can learn more about the new Overture HERE.

All images courtesy of Boom Technology.

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