During last week’s after hour/midnight launch event of LEGO 75810 Stranger Things The Upside Down at Flatiron and London, attendees were invited to a make and take for the next most iconic place in the Netflix hit series, Castle Byers. That’s right. Will’s fort in the woods was up for the taking for those who attended the launch event.

While it may seems like a huge miss out for fans who didn’t made it to the event at either location, not all hopes are lost. Because, one Reddit (u/CTRexPope) user has done fans a major favor by sharing the build instructions for the Castle Byers. You can check out the entire two-page build instructions u/CTRexPope posted on imgur.

LEGO Castle Byers Build Instructions

It is a very small set as expected of Castle Byers, coming in at just 48 pieces. Being a set this small, it shouldn’t be a big deal in hunting down the parts to build it except for one problem: you won’t have the stickers for the signs. But that’s a tiny issue which many veteran builders will be able to overcome. Now that LEGO version Castle Byers is out in the wild, we are expecting someone to starting putting together The Upside Down version…

Anywho, in case you have been living under the log in Mirkwood, LEGO 75810 Stranger Things The Upside Down is official. LEGO VIP members can get the $199.99 set now while the rest will be able to pick it up starting June 01, 2019.

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Images: Reddit (u/CTRexPope)/imgur (CTRexPope).

Source: Zusammengebaut [DE].

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