In 2018, one company developed a high powered water gun that gave Super Soaker a run for their money. Today, a Chicago start up is doing the same to NERF.

Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster

Called Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster, it claimed to be mechanically superior and structurally sound, and thanks to the use of foam disc, it promised no jamming issues like traditional foam dart blasters.

And it is apparently super fast too, capable of unloading 6 discs downrange in a second. That is crazy fast! Plus, it has super high capacity, with the blaster holding 120 foam discs lock and ready to go.

Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster

If that’s not enough for you drool over the Shelby Destroyer, how about the promised of super quick loading. The magazine style foam disc cartridge lest you reload two stacks of 120 discs at a time.

Those are not even it. This upcoming superstar of blasters has adjustable power settings that lets you shoot between 80 and 160 FPS speed, two fire modes (namely, semi and fully automatic), removable rechargeable lithium battery – complete with external charging base, and color LED lights to indicate team to avoid friendly fire.

Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster

You can learn more about this awesome blaster over at the product’s pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo where you can also pick one or several for a starting of US$217.

Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster

Images: Indiegogo (H.P. Shelby Manufacturing).

via BallerStatus.

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