I have two questions on my mind. First, when you are speeding around a race track, do you have time to look at your watch? Also, does it make sense to buy a watch to show you own a race car? Well, the Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph is here anyways – no matter what the answers to those question may be.

Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph

Yes. It is another Porsche Design watch and yes, it is a timepiece exclusively available for Porsche 911 GT3 owners. It is a beautiful watch that touts a dynamic design, consistency performance and high-quality workmanship like its 4-wheeled counterpart it shared the name with.

Porsche Design said the casing reflects its Motorsport genes, but I am more impressed with the material of the watch, which is of lightweight titanium – the same material used in the connecting rods of the GT3 engine.

Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph

Nope. There is no boxer engine in there, but it does have an individual winding rotor reminiscent of the wheels of the 911 GT3. As to my earlier question of looking at the watch when rocketing around the track….

If you do that, you will be glad to know that this timepiece is powered by Porsche Design caliber WRK 01.200 with flyback function that combines starting, stopping, and zeroing in a single operation and thus, making the 911 GT3 Chronograph the perfect racetrack companion.

Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph

As a mark of exclusivity, the color ring of the dial can be customized in the paint colors of the 911 GT3 you will be owning. So, you can go like “do you know I have a GT3 race car? And the color is exactly as my ring of the dial of my watch.” OK. May be it makes little sense, but if you have the money, it does not matter if it makes sense or not.

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The Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph is set to drop in Spring 2021 with a starting price of US$8,050.

Images: Porsche Design.

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