Anything that is inflatable does not make sense as apparel but here we are, witnessing the existence of the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear. Look at the date. It’s late March; not April 1st. So, yeah, the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear is as real as you and me. Not only it is real but it is something money can buy.

Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear
The beach ball man?

Obviously, it cannot be a life preserver because since this bizarre float is worn in the middle region, your crotch region will fight to stay afloat and consequently, make your head go under. Sounds like a potential hazard. Then again, this may not even be for the water which begs the question: if it isn’t for the water, then what is it for? Cue Twilight Zone music.

Its creator, Etsy seller CandyCoatedSqueaks, quite said what is it for either. My best guess is, it is, it is just a quirky getup for whacky times. If it is a whacky time, it is one expensive whack times gear because this Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear, which is a made-to-order item that requires a 6-8 week waiting period, btw, cost at least US$138.

Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear
I guess it still works as a beach ball? Maybe?

Images: Etsy (CandyCoatedSqueaks).

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