2023 Lotus Eletre Electric Hyper-SUV

The Lotus Eletre is Lotus’ first electric SUV. But mind you. This ain’t no just any electric SUV. Lotus Eletrestake its claim as the “world’s first electric Hyper-SUV”. Yep. It is beyond Super SUV. It is Hyper-SUV. A bold claim, indeed. And it has the aesthetic to match.

2023 Lotus Eletre Electric Hyper-SUV

Speaking of which… is it just me or am I the only one who thought the Eletre has the Lamborghini Urus vibe? Having said that, the Eletre is the first car to carry over the exotic car look wholesale, IMHO.

Anywho, the Eletre is the first of the three new Lotus “lifestyle EVs” planned for the next four years, with design language inspired by the world’s first British EV hypercar, Lotus Evija. Though, if I can be honest, I see no Evija in it. Am I missing something here?

2023 Lotus Eletre Electric Hyper-SUV

This automobile is a class of its own, aesthetically speaking. The look is not the prettiest but yet, I just can’t stop ogling it. It really does remind me of a raging bull marque’s ride. OK, here I go again… Come on. I can’t be the only one who sees it that way.

The Eletre is a 4WD hyper-SUV powered by an electric motor that puts out an equivalent of 600 horsepower or more. But 600 HP is not what secures its “hyper” status; it is the century sprint, which Lotus claims that the Eletre will make 0-100 (0-62 mph) in “less than three seconds”.

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It is not just hyper in acceleration; it also promised a pretty incredible range too from its 100 kWh capacity battery system. Lotus said the car has a targeted maximum WLTP driving range of 600 km (373 miles).

When charging with a 350 kW charger, it can pack enough electrons for up to 400 km (248 miles) range in just 20 minutes. In addition, the car can also accept 22 kW AC charging where available.

In place of traditional door mirrors, it has a camera as part of the onboard Electric Reverse Mirror Display which also includes a 360-degree view of the car from above to aid in parking, and one for intelligent driving technologies. That brings us to another highlight of the car: LIDAR.

The Lotus Eletre features the world-first deployable LIDAR technology in a production car to support intelligent driving technologies.

2023 Lotus Eletre Electric Hyper-SUV

Other worthy mentions include massive 23-inch machine-cut split-finish five-spoke alloys with carbon fiber inserts, ceramic composite 10-piston caliper brakes, extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum for weight reduction, an interior that uses highly durable man-made textiles and sustainable lightweight wool blends, and the “most advanced active aerodynamics package on any production SUV.”

The Lotus Eletre is available to order now, with the first deliveries expected to commence in 2023 in China, the U.K., and Europe. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the Hyper-SUV HERE.

2023 Lotus Eletre Electric Hyper-SUV

All images courtesy of Lotus Cars.