Cafe racer is lightweight and often lightly powered motorcycle that is characterized by speed and agility and at one point in the 60s, bikers started using cafe racer to make quick rides between cafe (or cafe hopping, as some prefer to call it). Those what you and I know about cafe racers, but now, a custom bike maker See See Motorcycles, over in Oregon kind of take cafe racer a little more literally. How? By installing a coffee machine in a Ural sidecar.

Ural Motorcycle Coffee Machine

The sidecar is attached to a Russian bike, a 2014 Ural cT with custom paint job, completing the mobility equation. Now that, folks, gave coffee-to-go a whole new meaning. And oh, it even has a custom umbrella for good measures. And why not? It is a cafe racer after all, isn’t it? In case you are wondering, that espresso rig there is not any espresso machine. It is a La Marzocco Linea 2-group espresso machine which, last checked, cost a cool $13,200.

Ural Motorcycle Coffee Machine

It may sound like an easy custom job that involved placing a coffee machine on the sidecar, but in reality, there are more to it. In addition to the espresso machine, a 26-gallon water tank and purification system have to be incorporated to the side, and then there are a bunch ancillary stuff need to be built into the sidecar too and these includes a hand sink, a pitcher cleaner, a built-in cooler, a coffee grinder, storage spaces, and a 220/110v electrical panel and obviously, a generator.

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Ural Motorcycle Coffee Machine

Moreover, the sidecar has to be strengthen to meet the new permanent payload and these includes adding bracing, as well as airbag suspension system to minimize rattling and vibration that could potentially bust the very expensive machine. You get more in depth details of this fabulous custom motorcycle HERE, but before you go, may we suggest that you take a look at the build process in the video embedded below.

Ural Motorcycle Coffee Machine

Ural Motorcycle Coffee Machine

Images: See See Motorcycles.


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