Retro Cafe Racer-style Xmera Pedal Electric Bicycle Is Also A Workout Bike

Every bicycle, pedal assist or not, is essentially a workout machine. The Xmera Bionic Bike you see here is no exception, but it is a tad different from the horde of pedal electric cycle. It is the first “bionic” ebike that tracks your heart rate and other parameters like distance traveled, calories burned and what […]

Electra’s Cafe Racer-inspired Electric Bicycle Is Powerful And Gorgeous

Electric bicycle may have pedals, but somehow, it managed to blur the line between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Now, the line is further blurred with Electra Café Moto Go, an electric bike that has the distinctive cafe racer styling and belt-drive. Electra described it as “the ultimate combination of badass retro style and modern […]

See See Motorcycles’ Ural Is A Literal Cafe Racer, Because Coffee Machine

Cafe racer is lightweight and often lightly powered motorcycle that is characterized by speed and agility and at one point in the 60s, bikers started using cafe racer to make quick rides between cafe (or cafe hopping, as some prefer to call it). Those what you and I know about cafe racers, but now, a […]

Leather Top Air Filter Wants To Add Color And Style To Your Cafe Racer

Unlike cars, nearly everything on a motorcycle are laid out in plain sight and as such, style-conscious folks may want components and parts that are fitting with their style. If you concur and ride a two-wheeler, specifically a cafe racer, then the DNA Universal Leather Top Air Filter is for you. The star design feature […]

Bandit9 Bishop Concept Will Make You Fall In Love With Cafe Racer-style Motorbike All Over Again

there are bike lovers and then there are bike lovers who just love the unconventional. if you belong to the latter, chances are, you have heard of Daryl Villanueva, better known for his works behind Bandit9. EVE was the last we have seen from this exceedingly talented custom bike maker and as the dust is […]

This Cafe Racer Is Powered By A Turbo Diesel Engine And Fueled By Bacon

what do you get when you put motorcycle, turbo, diesel and bacon together? nothing. probably a whole lot mess, if you ask for, but in the case of Hormel Foods, the result is this bike, dubbed Black Label Bacon Bike, you see here. if turbo diesel powered bike isn’t a rarity already, i am sure […]

Otocycles Retro-styling Electric Bikes Looks Like The Lovable Cafe Racers Of The 50s

these craftsman electric bikes from Barcelona-based Otocycles are unlike what you have seen. instead of adhering to contemporary lines, Otocycles draws its design inspiration from the bikes of the fifties, presenting them in a form resembling the cafe racers of the 50s and 60s, but only skinnier and a whole lot environmentally-friendly. the thing that […]

FXSTB Softail Nightrain has a BR-01 Carbon stuck on its fuel tank

if you have a penchant for luxury time piece and motorcycles, here’s a good and bad news for you. Shaw Harley-Davidson, a leading dealership in UK, has teamed up with Bell & Ross to develop a custom motorcycle: the Bell & Ross-inspired Nascafe Racer. now the bad news: it is one-off custom motorcycle based on the Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Nightrain.

Husqvarna Introduces First Electric Bike And New Gorgeous Models

Husqvarna Motorcycles, best known for their off-road dirt bikes, is finally getting into the electric bike game and it is starting with this little guy called EE 5. EE 5 takes is of a typical scrambler design with knobby tires, high-end chassis based on race proven technology, ergonomic bodywork with adjustable seat height, and WP […]