There is no lack of Jurassic Park merchandise. It ranges from dino toys to games like a pinball machine, and more recently a Transformers crossover toy set. Even so, there are no prop-worthy pieces other than maybe Jeff Goldblum’s shirtless statue (maybe?). But thankfully, there’s AWOLReplicaProps.

Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane

This store on Etsy will sell you a Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane for any fans who want one. Turned on a lathe using hardwood material, this functional cane replicates the one used by Jurassic Park founder, John Hammond, in the movie and it comes complete with a real crane fly embedded in resin Amber.

The cane further features a rubber foot that not only matches the original but serves to add stability. Finally, weathering is added to further boost its realism.

Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane

The Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane can be yours to own for US$140. However, the cane is made-to-order, and therefore some waiting time is to be expected.

I’d say the John Hammond cane is a must-have for super fans of Jurassic Park. It is like the wands in the Harry Potter franchise, a prop of significance. There’s a gear shift knob version if anyone’s interested.

Images: Etsy (AWOLReplicaProps).

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