ZVOX AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar

Ever find yourself trying to discern a movie’s dialogue from all the background sound? Well, there is actually a solution and it is called ZVOX AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar.

ZVOX AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar

To call the ZVOX AV357 a sound bar isn’t entirely accurate even though it does look like one. It really is a dialogue clarifying sound bar (read: center speaker).

What ZVOX AV357 does is, it uses the company’s Accuvoice hearing aid technology and the company’s latest innovation SuperVoice to enable users to reduce the level of background sound in a movie or TV show, thereby bringing the voices to the front and center.

ZVOX AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar

While this may sound a little useful for most people, it is perfect for viewers who have difficultly understanding TV dialogue.

“The AV357 speaker combines six levels of Accuvoice and six levels of the SuperVoice algorithms, providing users with a range of 12 levels of dialogue boost so they can tailor the sound for their individual needs.”

ZVOX AV357 rocks both digital and analog inputs which should allow it to work with virtually any TV.

ZVOX AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar

But enhancing dialogue isn’t the only trick up in its sleeve; the ZVOX AV357 will also give the bass a boost too – thanks to the larger, wood (MDF) cabinet and a very important feature when watching TV programs: Output Leveling system that automatically tames loud commercials.

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The wood large wood cabinet also promised room-filling 3D virtual sound that accurately reproduces the subtle nuances of music performance.

Clear dialogue, room-filling sound and lower commercial volume. This sounds like a win to us.

If you are sold by the idea, this very specialized sound bar may be had for US$299.99 from ZVOX.com and from Amazon.com.

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Images: ZVOX.