When a Mantis Shrimp Strikes A Person

I am sure you have heard and/or seen the notorious mantis shrimp. This infamous carnivorous marine crustaceans are not actually a mantis or a shrimp, but of the stomatopods order.

When a Mantis Shrimp Strikes A Person

That’s not important, though. The important thing is, we know it packs some serious punch, like in the literal sense. You have probably know it is capable of throwing the fastest and possibly the most powerful punches in the ocean that could crack the toughest armor of a crab in an instant.

That said, have ever thought what kind of damage a 23 meters per second (51 miles per hour) and 1,500 newtons of force punch could do to a human? Well, Mr. Markus, an angler and fishing enthusiast, found out himself first hand. Lets just say that it ain’t pretty.

Skip ahead for the video Mr. Markus posted on his YouTube channel and see for yourself what happens when this Shrimp Tyson unleashed its punch on a person.

After that, you may want to check out a clip by Nat Geo WILD to learn more about this creature with the wildest punch.

Images: YouTube (Mr. Markus).

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