still not into Pandora or Spotify for your audio mix needs? then a radio might tickles your fancy and if you have some lavish money to spend, you might want to check out the Coach Bleecker Leather Wrapped Tivoli Radio for a bit of style factor on top of the proven radio clarity from American audio brand. basically, this is the limited edition version of the Tivoli PAL BT radio that is wrapped in leather. for fans of Coach, you might be glad to know that the leather used to dress up these radios is the same leather as found in Coach’s Men’s Bleecker Collection and they are available in two styles: the ‘regular’ Bleecker leather and the Bleecker Lizard print leather.

cosmetic aside, expect to the same awesomeness (or not, depending on your perspective) such as sensitive AM/FM analog tuner, wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth connectivity, built-in NiMH battery, auxiliary input and stereo headphone output, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) for low to no noise interference with other wireless devices, and high fidelity sound from its 2.5″ treated full-range, long-throw driver. available now for a pricey $348 and $1,000 for the Coach Bleecker Leather Wrapped Tivoli Radio and the Coach Bleecker Lizard Wrapped Tivoli Radio, respectively.

Coach 1 and 2 via Acquire

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