Philips Original Radio

Philips Original Radio with DAB+ and dock for iPod/iPhone
Philips Original Radio | US$tba |

regardless of how huge is your digital music collection or how superb is the iTunes DJ in creating the ‘right’ mix of music, there is nothing like tuning into the good’ol radio stations – especially if you have a radio as inviting as the Philips Original Radio. judging from the visuals, it is definitely a radio that beckons to be touched and used. drawing its design inspiration from the classic Philetta radio of the 1950s, the Philips Original Radio bears an unmistakable retro beautiful design that harkens back to day of the beginning of popular music and strangely, even though that wasn’t our era but we felt a kind of closeness seeing it. tell us if its black front fitted with a pair of functioning aluminum knobs for volume and playback option, and its premium wooden casing doesn’t catch your fancy. four models will be available: the ORD7300, OR7200, ORD7100C/R, and OR7000 to cater different music interests. however, regardless of which model you choose, each Philips Original Radio is equipped with two 10 watts powered speakers and promised to deliver crystal clear high and low tones, and powerful bass. depending on the model, the radio features FM radio, DAB+ digital radio, integrated iPhone/iPod dock, and a digital display for date, time and track information. unfortunately, it appears that the Philips Original Radio might just be in its concept/prototype stage, hence no words on its availably and certainly, no indicative prices as well. nevertheless, do click past the jump for a few more closer look at this awesome retro-licious radio.

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