When a product becomes more common, the designs can become rather uninspiring. Wireless charging pad is one such products. Then again, what else more design can a charging pad incorporate? Give it a Millennium Falcon form, or may be throwing in transmutation into the mix? Or perhaps gave it a cyberpunk aesthetic like the DROP-IT?

DROP-IT Omni Position Wireless Charging Pad

Billed as the world’s largest omni position wireless charger, DROP-IT Omni Position Wireless Charging Pad from Angry Miao packs no less than 22 coils overlapping each other to create the ultimate charging surface that allows to drop the devices on it freely and never have to worry if they are positioned correctly.

The rectangular, square off design supports charging of up to four devices simultaneously when hooked up to 65W PD charger. In addition, there is a magnetic single-coil charge to the side designed specifically for charging the new iPhone 12. A silent turbofan ensures actively cools the device to prevent overheating.

DROP-IT Omni Position Wireless Charging Pad

Functionality, however, is just half of the story that draws us to DROP-IT. It is the design. The blocky form along with the transparent charging surface that exposed the coils and bold colors lends the device a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Angry Miao said the colorway was inspired by Batman’s arch nemesis, Joker, going with psychedelic purple and neon green LED. As far as the renders go, they appear to be spot on.

DROP-IT Omni Position Wireless Charging Pad

With a striking design and features, DROP-It should be a hit. However, last checked, its pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo isn’t gaining any traction. I wonder why… oh, right. $270 a pop.

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May be that’s the reason? And perhaps the estimated delivery of April 2021 may have something to do with it too? Possibly.

Images: Angry Miao.

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