BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B115D & B115MP3 Loudspeakers

BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B115D and B115MP3 Loudspeakers
BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B115D & B115MP3 Loudspeakers | from US$299.99 |

looking to equip your fleet of pro loudspeakers with something more high-tech and packs a real punch? then look no further than the new BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B115D & B115MP3 Loudspeakers. these active two-way speakers are designed to offer musicians and artists with feature such as integrated dual-channel mixer with 2-band EQ, built-in sound processor, 1,000 watts of Class D bi-amp, and the flexibility of mounting, including pole-mounted, stacked or simply place horizontally for floor monitor wedge applications. other key features include custom-engineered 15-inch long-excursion LF driver for deep power bass, state-of-the-art 1.35-inch aluminum diaphragm compression driver for “exceptional high-frequency reproduction” and a dedicated USB 3.0 input that accommodates the upcoming ULTRALINK Series wireless microphones. the B115MP3, as the name implies, boast a fully addressable embedded MP3 player with 8-button user interface and a high-contrast, multifunction LCD display that allows user to browse tracks and choose the play modes. by now you should already know that these are more like stage speakers but as we always advocate, if you have the cash to spare, no one is going to stop you from putting these babies in your home. the BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B115D & B115MP3 Loudspeakers will set you back at $299.99 and $339.99, respectively.

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