You know how it goes. You have always wanted a powered skateboard, but at the same time, you find it hard to let go of your favorite non-powered skateboard. If that’s the dilemma you have facing, well, we have got good news. Longboard maker Loaded Boards and electric drive engineering company Unlimited Engineering has teamed up to launched a new electric skateboard conversion kit under the Unlimited brand.

Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboards

In this collaboration, Loaded is selling three new DIY electric skateboard kits, namely, Solo, Cruiser and Race, that can be applied on virtually any skateboard.

Key features of the electric skateboard conversion kit includes:

• Motor – A custom-designed, ultra power-dense motor with loads of torque and a premium Orangatang urethane liner. Fits almost any truck with no modification thanks to our patented mounting system.
• Battery – The swappable lithium-ion battery is as powerful as it is tough. It’s also travel-friendly, meaning you can bring it with you on your next flight! The button lights up to different colors to indicate the state of charge of the battery and other important messages.
• Core (Motor Controller) – The Core contains the brains of the operations. It is the link between the battery, motor, and the remote control to provide you with up-to-date information about your powertrain. Built with state-of-the-art hardware and firmware to provide a safe, smooth, and stealthy ride!
• Urethane – Featuring premium Orangatang motor liners and Orangatang Caguama standard wheels for fast roll speed, high traction, vibration damping, and smooth slides. Orangatang has been an early leader in e-skate urethane and featured as original equipment on many influential brands (including Boosted Boards and Evolve Skateboards), and the instantly recognizable orange urethane has become a de-facto standard in both e-skate and longboarding in general since 2008. Orange is the new orange.

Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboards

Other highlights include app-enabled, regenerative braking, highly water resistant (when charge-port covers are in place, that is), and multiple drive modes, including lights out riding, cruise control, and Nitro Mode for those with an insatiable appetite for speed. In addition, Loaded is also offering fine tuned complete skateboards with the kits using the brand’s Icarus, Omakase, and Tesseract decks.

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Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits can be found on, starting at $769.

Images: Loaded Boards.

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