If you have been following this blog, you will know our weakness for all-thing concrete and as such, when we first lay our eyes on the Concrete Valet Tray (basically, a desktop tidy or a desktop organizer), we knew immediately that we have to share with you guys. We are not buying for you, but you can sure pick up this awesomeness for 50 bucks on Uncrate. We are not affiliated, so you can shop without us benefiting from it. Damn you, cruel bastards. Just kidding!

Here’s the official description:

“Made from solid concrete that is finished with a low-sheen polish, this valet tray will help you stay organized in style. Each one is hand made in Portland, Maine and comes separated into two sections. One side is perfect for your smartphone with it’s indention for a charging cable, while the other can hold a variety of everyday carry items, from your keys to your wallet, watch, or sunglasses. A fixture on your desk, nightstand, or end table, it’s as handsome as it is practical — whether it’s loaded up or waiting to serve your organizational needs.”

Concrete Valet Organizer Tray

TBH, personally, I am no fan of low-sheen polish. IMHO, concrete’s finish should as-is. But that’s just me. Anyways, this will be a perfect companion other concrete objects like the bespoke concrete power supply kit, concrete rollerball pen, concrete flash drive, and bunch of other concrete gadgets and accessories. I think will be a perfect match to the foundation laptop stand too.

Concrete Valet Organizer Tray

Images: Uncrate.

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Source: Airows.

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