Officially Licensed Pokémon Ball Mug AKA Pokéball Mug

And so it begins… a barrage of Pokémon-related merchandises is flooding the market. We don’t actively seek out Pokémon products, but we do know it is getting a little too serious when even an everyday cup has to be a Pokéball. Seriously. A Pokéball mug? Ok, granted, you could use an extra shot of caffeine to keep your adrenalin pumping before you head out in the still of the night to catch’em all. And, btw, it don’t quite look like the ball, ball. It is a mug and therefore, it does have a handle for the required grip cos’ you won’t want burn your Pokéball throwing hand prior to the hunt and its pretty voluminous too, coming in at 8 oz.

Apart from that, it is just another mug that has the Pokéball graphic on it. And obviously, it shares little resemblance with the ‘real-thing’, which means you don’t throw this thing at anything. It will break. Why? Because that’s what ceramic does upon impact of any kind and it is a mug. Not a ball. Don’t even think about leaving it in the dishwasher or microwave because obviously, you put a real Pokéball in those, do you? So, let’s recap: while awesome looking, it is still a mug. I know. It cost just $14.99, but ten of them easily adds up to over hundred bucks. So, we’d handle this Officially Licensed Pokémon Ball Mug with care.

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Image: ThinkGeek.