Metal Delta 3D Printer by Blue Eagle Labs

We don’t use 3D printers a lot, but we could imagine two things: first, shipping is hell of a cost and second, being preassembled means you know nothing of its inner workings apart from what’s laid out in the user’s manual. Of course, that’s just us. Some people are completely undaunted by cost and also, it matters not to them if there are gears or whatnot within. But for us, we are more for ‘knowing your 3D printer’, just like we would with our motor vehicles. If you are on the same page of us, then you gotta love the newest 3D printer from California startup, Blue Eagle Labs. Metal Delta, as it is called, is a robust all-metal frame 3D printer built for precision 3D printing.

Metal Delta 3D Printer by Blue Eagle Labs

The hot rolled steel frame offers rigidity that contributes to accuracy and precision while a minimalistic design reduces the part count which, along with a design that allows screws to thread directly onto the metal parts, simplified build. On top of that, parts were designed to allow for quick and easy mounting of hot ends, extruder gears and pinch wheels, carriages, and belt tensioners. Confine within its delta frame is a generous build volume of 250 mm diameter by 280mm height (about 9.84 inches by 11 inches) and last but not the least, Metal Delta also boasts flexibility through optional upgrades, including laser engraver, dual extrusion, ultra-precision magnetic ball joints, GeckoTek bed, and high resolution motors.

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Metal Delta 3D Printer by Blue Eagle Labs is now Kickstarter where you can pre-order a kit for as low as $499. The campaign has already met its funding goal, therefore your pledge is a pre-order in which you can expect delivery as early as September 2016.

Images courtesy of Blue Eagle Labs.

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