need something to solid to put down your ideas? then you could use a little help from this Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio. Concrete Rollerball Pen is what the name says it is: a rollerball pen that has a body cast in concrete – the very same material that you are probably surrounded by at this present moment – unless you are living in a cabin, or a container, or a trailer. conceived up by Taiwan-based design studio 22 Design Studio, who are no stranger to making concrete things, the Concrete Rollerball Pen is made from hand-poured concrete (well, that should be cement to be exact – before it cures to become concrete) and because of that, it bestow the pen with a weighty feel for a more firm and reassuring strokes. other features include a ridged body for enhanced grip, 316 stainless hardware, and it uses a replaceable ink cartridge so that it can could keep on going as long as you do. one thing for sure, it will become stronger as time goes, as that’s part of the nature of concrete: it increases in strength as it ages. beautiful stuff. the Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio is available via Design Boom Store for $70 a pop. if you are seeking out a conversational writing instrument, this will be it. you can check out a few more looks in the gallery below.

via Drool’d

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