Mad Men appeal may not as far reaching as mafia series like The Sopranos, or fantasy drama such as the Game of Thrones, but still the series is no less acclaim and certainly not any less awesome. in fact, we think the show is absolutely cool (and it is also one show that reminds us to stay clear of advertising line) and so is this non official poster Mad Men Print by Needle Design. we love the retro 60s styling with simple palette, accompanied by a slight touch of rustic look, which fits the series perfectly. in short, the poster has it all: the atmosphere of the 60s where the series is set in, the white collar dude typical of the advertising industry (they just can’t loosen up like the Mountain View folks, can they?), and the obvious Manhattan skyline where the frictional Sterling Cooper is located. Needle Design basically brings the key elements of the TV show into one super cool illustration poster. available in either framed (450 by 620mm, or 17.7″ x 24.4″) or unframed (420 by 590mm, or 16.5″ x 23.2″) for £29.99 and £19.99, respectively. another look after the break.

Mad Men Print by Needle Design [Poster] - Framed

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