Baby Groot is probably the cutest thing to have come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is for that reason, there is no lack of merchandises that leverage on his cuteness, but nothing could be more appropriate than this particular piece from HEYFAIR, the Baby Groot Planter/Multi-function Desk Organizer. As the product name/description suggests, this adorable Baby Groot ‘bust’ is both a planter and a vessel for your writing instrument or whatnot.

HEYFAIR Baby Groot Planter/Multifunction Desk Organizer

But really, you want plants on this Baby Groot because, he is, after all, a tree, isn’t he? That being said, if you have not found a good reason/excuse to put plants on your desk, perhaps this HEYFAIR Baby Groot Planter/Multi-function Desk Organizer would make for a good enough reason to do so because, just look at it, it is freaking cute! Measuring 6.69-inch tall, this vessel in the image of the reborn Groot is said to be”semi-handmade” from high quality resin and therefore, it is said that no two Baby Groot pots will be exactly the same, which kind of makes sense because, no two trees are alike, like ever. Now, that’s accuracy we can all agree on. Way to go HEYFAIR.

In any case, you could also display it as-is, but it will be a shame to leave little Baby Groot’s head empty because he is obviously one with his head filled (sometimes with rage, cue GOTG Vol.2). You can pick up one off Amazon for a modest $24.99 asking price.

HEYFAIR Baby Groot Planter/Multifunction Desk Organizer

HEYFAIR Baby Groot Planter/Multifunction Desk Organizer

Images: HEYFAIR.

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