Safe Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland

Safe Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland
(photos: Kikkerland) Safe Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland | US$15.00 |

when thieves break into a house, the first think that they look for is probably the safe. however, the aforementioned statement has nothing to do with the Safe Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland. we just thought it is a fun product to liven up your kitchen a little. the Safe Kitchen Timer is essentially a 60-minute timer designed to look like a safe lock and it has a magnetic based that allows you to stick it to your fridge, making your refrigerator look like one giant safe. besides functional, it could be a conversational piece too and also to trick any unwanted intruder thinking that finding the safe in your house is a breeze. except that this safe has nothing but Heinz beans and perhaps, a few bottles of buds. how many times do you get to buy a product that’s both functional and also a conversational piece for just $15? rarely. just in case you haven’t notice, this is not a security product.

Kikkerland via The Awesomer

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