do not be mistaken. it definitely takes more than a droplet to water any plants, but the Droplet Robotics Sprinkler here does so more efficiently by ‘sniping’ at the plants instead of doing a ‘carpet bombing’ which really is a waste of precious water and not to mention that the plants might not be receiving as much water as you have intended. the Droplet works with an web app, which works across a variety of devices and platforms, enabling you to program where the sprinkle should target at, as well as setting the sprinkler schedule. though, you will need to connect the hardware to your home WiFi to get things going. once connected, you provide the information such as plant species and soil type, and this smart watering system will tap on a vast system of data to intelligently determine the best care for your plants.

its intelligence does not stop there. apparently, it can draw real-time information from different weather stations so that it can better manage the watering schedule and pattern. say, for example, if the forecast indicates that it may rain in locality, then it will not water the plants. each Droplet is capable of covering 2,700 square feet, which should have most small yard or front lawn covered, and it better do, cos’ at $299.99 a pop, this smart sprinkler is not exactly cheap. however, if the company’s saving estimates of $263 annually holds true, it should be well worth the investment in long run and besides, you’d be doing the environment some good by practicing smart use of water. hit up the past for product video to learn more about the Droplet.

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Droplet via Technabob

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