Baby Groot Bust Planter Is The Most Fitting Baby Groot Merchandise Ever

Baby Groot is probably the cutest thing to have come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is for that reason, there is no lack of merchandises that leverage on his cuteness, but nothing could be more appropriate than this particular piece from HEYFAIR, the Baby Groot Planter/Multi-function Desk Organizer. As the product name/description suggests, […]

Star-Lord’s Walkman with Headphones That Is Not Actually A Walkman

Here’s the perfect accessory if you plan on cosplaying as Star-Lord AKA Peter Quill. It is a replica of the movie’s, well, almost. Ok, it is not. But it is a Walkman. No, wait. It is not actually a functioning Walkman. First of all, the movie’s Star-Lord Walkman is an actual Walkman and it is […]

Cute Superhero: 1/4 Scale Guardians of the Galaxy Little Groot

Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord character maybe the lead hero in Guardians of the Galaxy, but there is no doubt that Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), the extraterrestrial sentient tree-like creature, has an equally big place in fans’ heart too and his character was part of what got to be the cutest scene in superheroes movie history […]