Here’s the perfect accessory if you plan on cosplaying as Star-Lord AKA Peter Quill. It is a replica of the movie’s, well, almost. Ok, it is not. But it is a Walkman. No, wait. It is not actually a functioning Walkman. First of all, the movie’s Star-Lord Walkman is an actual Walkman and it is a lot less colorful (era-correct, if you will) and also, it has Guardians of the Galaxy sticker that announce it as Star-Lord’s Walkman, but it will do for cosplay, or you can keep scouring eBay for one. Assuming that you want this, you’d be glad to know that you don’t have to put up with the frail cassette tapes because the Awesome Mix vol. 2 tape inside is totally fake, but it is no dummy.

Under the hood, it packs modern day technology that will allow you to hook it up with your phone or MP3 player to spin your own tunes, and also lets you record and playback your own voice, sound, and music. It can even distort your voice, if that’s your kind of poison. Perhaps it is really good for cosplay getup? Maybe. And oh, it has built-in speakers, so this ‘Walkman’ here is essentially a fun, portable speakers. No sure if the headphones works or not, though. Apparently, this $29.99 device it comes with the song Come a Little Bit Closer pre-loaded in it. To be honest, we are not sure if ThinkGeek is being cheeky or what in the feature list, but it sounds just about right:

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Image via ThinkGeek.

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