Colorware Grip for iPad 2 – custom colors come standard

ColorWare The Grip for iPad 2 735x420px
(photos: ColorWare) Colorware Grip for iPad 2 | from US$250.00 |

the market has no shortage of iPad 2 cases but if you are one of those folks who treasure craftsmanship and individualism, then this particular item from ColorWare, dubbed the Grip for iPad 2, should appeal to you. like its predecessor for the original iPad, the Grip for iPad 2 is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and sports an integrated handle that will make your iPad 2 looks like a mini-tote bag, plus the goodness of improved ergonomics. however, it is worthy to note that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill, slide-it-in iPad case cos’ it requires some assembly to put it together which of course, will involve some hex and tiny screws. like wise, removing the iPad from the case would also takes longer than a slide-in case.
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ColorWare made its name in giving our silver gadgets colors, so the same color customization is expected from this latest product. buyer can choose from a palette of colors to customize the handle, frame and the back section (if applicable) of the case. three versions are available to suit iPad 2 WiFi, iPad 2 3G and as well as, iPad 2 models. like all instances in life, products that involve customization and real-deal craftsmanship were never cheap. speaking of which, if you really want to treat your ipad 2 to an awesome case, then you’d be prepared to shell out at least $250 for one. oh, did i mention the Grip for iPad 2 is entirely made in the U.S.A.? more images follows after the break.

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