Bose CineMate 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System

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(photos: Bose) Bose CineMate 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System | US$1,499.95 |

Bose audio system were never in the audiophile arena but for some reason, they never fail to impress the masses with alluring sound reproduction and eye-pleasing designs, and their latest sound bar, dubbed the Bose CineMate 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System, is without exception. it is Bose’s first foray into sound bar system and it promise a roomful of sound from just one slim speaker, though not as slim as i would have loved. as usual, Bose don’t boast about its technical hard specs but we do note that it has some pretty unique features built into it. you can choose to place your sound bar on a table top or on the wall, and a feature known as Flexmount will automatically detects the speaker’s orientation and adjust the sound to “ensure wide, spacious sound.”
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it also comes packed with automatic audio calibration – something which you don’t see in a sound bar system. on the connectivity department, it sports optical, coaxial, and RCA connectors. while a wireless acoustimass module provides the much needed thumping for a decent movie viewing experience. the CineMate 1 SR also comes with a programmable IR remote control, which also doubles a handy universal remote to virtually any attached devices. the idea of sound bar coupled with a wireless acoustimass is really enticing, as with anything that makes a clutter-free environment but since it is from Bose, so naturally, you will expect a very Bose-centric price tag of $1,499.95.

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