Forget foldable headphones. A Swiss company has rolled out a pair of audio cans with an innovative headphone with a headband that rolls up like the metal watch strap. In fact, the headband was actually inspired by a watch’s metal links type strap. The TT321 LUZLI Roller MK01, as it is called, rolls smaller than any other on-ear headphones on the market, says LUZLI.

LUZLI MK01 Roller Headphones

The wrist watch metal links-inspired headband boasts 22 separate stainless steel springs that would conform to the wearer’s head which should, logically speaking, more comfortable than a rigid headband. Though it is not known if fine hair will face the risk of snagging to the tiny spring-equipped joints. In any case, such gimmickry doesn’t come cheap. A pair of LUZLI MK01 Roller Headphones will bust a might $3,900 hole in your bank account.

LUZLI MK01 Roller Headphones

That’s not expensive by high-end, audiophile cans, but TBH, we have never heard about LUZLI until now and therefore, it is hard to judge. Anywho, LUZLI says that the cans are “individually made” from pure aluminum and stainless steel and promised to deliver “exceptional sound quality” from its 30 mm driver unit.

Beyond the roll-up feature, TT321 LUZLI Roller MK01 appears to be just another pair of headphones. Though I have admit it does look quite pretty. However, without knowing how it sounds and also without knowing how established is LUZLI with sound reproduction, the nearly 4 grand sticker is kind of bit much. It almost like paying exorbitant amount for a blind box. I think.

LUZLI MK01 Roller Headphones

Images: LUZLI.

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