Your eyes is not playing trick on you. That was indeed an aircraft carrier in the sky and at a precarious angle that no vessels would want to be at. No, it wasn’t the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. From afar, it may look like the Chinese Type 002 aircraft carrier – one of China’s government newest pride and joy – and it certainly is, as hinted by the hull number “17” which is widely believed to be the numeral that will be assigned to the Type 002 since its predecessor bears the number “16”.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Kite at Kite Festival

Don’t be be alarm, though, it is not so advanced to be able to fly. That thing there was a kite. It was built by a kite enthusiast who is apparently proud of the country’s upcoming homegrown aircraft carrier. It was an effort that deserve some applaud. It may not be life-sized, but this kite which was seen flying at the 36th Annual International Kite Festival in Weifang, Shandong province, is impressive on its own right. First and most obvious, was the size.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Kite at Kite Festival

While the actual length isn’t known, from the images you can see thing thing is enormous and even more mind-boggling was, apparently, those who saw it in person touched it and concluded that the aircraft carrier kite had some sort of aluminum alloy construction. In addition to the shear size, it has all details that make it so recognizable as the Type 002, including the island superstructure topped with the nation’s flag, the ski-jump ramp, flight deck markings, and a dozen model fighter jets seated on the deck with one of them appeared to be in the process of taking off. Cool.

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TBH, I still couldn’t believe this thing actually flies. Though I have say that an aircraft carrier may not be the best candidate as a kite’s design due to the steep angle typical of kites that makes it look like it is being tipped over by a head-on tidal wave. Definitely not a good reference for seamen. Perhaps a rocket would be a better fit, or maybe a giant-ass octopus, or even a dragon even?

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Kite at Kite Festival

Images: Tencent.

Source: Popular Mechanics.

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