when mega size handsets first came on to the market, most people find holding them to their years as amusing as it is odd. soon, holding your hand to your ear to take calls might meet with the same odd look too. no, we are not referring to some Leslie Nielsen’s flick when we said you can answer your mobile phone call with your bare hand. this gesture can be a reality if you don a pair of HOT Smartwatch. with more than half a million in funding on Kickstarter, the HOT Smartwatch joins one of the many Kickstarter success stories and also proves that mankind isn’t done with our addiction for gestures. the HOT Smartwatch does what all smartwatches do: it displays incoming text messages, social media alerts, keep tracks of your runs, take calls, and of course, tells time – all on a sunlight readable e-paper display.

the highlight, however, is the way you use the watch, in particular, for taking of calls. when there’s an incoming call, all you have to do is to raise your watch-wearing hand up, cup your palm over your ear and you will be chatting away. we know. it looks like what your kids might do when playing, but trust us, this isn’t some child’s play cos’ it does works – as attested by many big names in the tech journalism arena. also in the order are a host of gestures based controls like waving to end a call (though we’d be wary where we wave, cos’ people might get the wrong idea. if you know what we mean), shaking your watch-wearing hand to reject a call, plus a bunch of other gestures to quickly access the different features. honestly, we are not too into its dress watch look, but the technology is no doubt exciting to us.

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you can grab yours for just $119 and up via HOT Smartwatch’s Kickstarter page. check out a summary of what this watch is capable of in the embedded video below.

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