Hot Wheels may be car toys that accidentally becomes hot collectibles, but plastic and metals don’t quite last and because of that they are hardly considered heirloom worthy. that said, if you appreciate toys that are a little more classy and could be pass down for generations, wood is the way to go. wood was the material of choice before plastics and metals took over and that’s also when toys become more complicated. these are probably the reasons why the MO-TO Modern Vintage Toy Cars is seeing a pretty phenomena success for its Kickstarter campaign. so what exactly are MO-TO Modern Vintage Toy Cars? they are toy cars crafted from German Beech wood, slapped with white plastic wheels (white wall rocks!) and rubber tires.

instead of giving you detailed wooden Lambo or Ferrari, Candylab Toys, MO-TO offers you and your children abstract designs based on 1970s American Muscle cars. we love how the MO-TO Modern Vintage Toy Cars turned out – clean lines that don’t quite look like the real cars, but we still somewhat know where it draws their inspiration from. we also love how a traditional material for toys is given a fresh new life with touches from 21st century like gloss paint works (thanks to the clear urethane coating), plastic wheels, along with real rubber tires. though toys by design, the MO-TO Modern Vintage Toy Cars are perfect examples of how the old and new design thoughts could co-exist to create an even more stunning product. only available through Candylab Toys’ Kickstarter campaign for $30 and up.

Kickstarter via Autoblog

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