CASIO G-Shock MT-G Year of the Rabbit Watch

Casio is ushering in the Year of the Rabbit in 2023 with a gold, Moon rabbit-inspired MTG watch, aptly dubbed the CASIO G-Shock MT-G Year of the Rabbit Watch (MTG-B3000CX-9APRT).

CASIO G-Shock MT-G Year of the Rabbit Watch

The watch, which is based on the MTG-B3000, is inspired by the mythical moon rabbit with the underlying theme of “advancing by leaps and bounds”. The latter is a word play on the Chinese idiom “突飞猛进”, replacing the first word with “rabbit” (“兔”) which has similar pronunciations (technically, though, “突” and “兔” are different tone). In case you don’t know. Wordplay is very much a thing in Chinese culture.

The watch features a metal bezel and case, and a metal strap with a resin underside. The latter is said to offer more comfortable wear. Where there is metal, it is treated with gold ion plating.

In Chinese culture, gold is also synonymous with prosperity. But this watch is more than just a symbol of prosperity; it has elements of rabbit and moon in the design.

CASIO G-Shock MT-G Year of the Rabbit Watch

The timepiece’s red subdials on the dial face represent the red eyes of a rabbit, while the presence of the lunar planetary-mass object is expressed through the Moon surface texture featuring the signature pockmarks surface on the bezel. The image of the moon continues into the black dial, though not quite like the bezel which is three-dimensional.

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Completing the Year of the Rabbit theme is a kite moon rabbit image designed by kite artist Chen Wang Song engraved on the case back.

Beyond the Year of the Rabbit treatment, the MTG-B3000CX-9APRT is pretty much the MTG-B3000 you may already know. This means a stainless steel construction with a carbon-reinforced resin case, a sapphire crystal, 200-meter water resistance, Triple G Resist (i.e. protection against impact, centrifugal force, and vibration), Bluetooth mobile link, dual-time, 1-second stopwatch, 23-hour countdown timer, daily alarm, and LED light.

CASIO G-Shock MT-G Year of the Rabbit Watch (MTG-B3000CX-9APRT) is slated to be available beginning this month, on the 19th. Meanwhile, consumers in China can pre-order the commemorative timepiece for 8,490 RMB (about US1,222).

Images: Casio [CH].

via G-Central.