Forget about Steam Deck because GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device is coming to take a chunk of the handheld gaming device pie. How? By slapping a Steam Deck-like portable gaming device with a full QWERTY keyboard.

GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device

GPD is marketing the GPD WIN 4 as the “smallest 6800U handheld console”. And yes, it is powered by AMD Ryzen 6800U. While I am not sure how true is the claim, I pretty sure it is the smallest handheld console WITH a keyboard.

Aesthetically, the GPD WIN 4 looked like a modern-day version of the PSP handheld which has a curved design (so-called arc design) on both ends.

On the device, you will find a myriad of controls, including joysticks, a D-pad, ABXY buttons, L1/L2, and R1/R2 triggers, plus optical finger navigation along with a fingerprint sensor.

GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device

The Win 11 device supports Steam OS and has a slide design that slides the 6-inch 1080p H-IPS technology screen upwards will reveal the said keyboard.

A few other notables include 5th-gen Corning Gorilla Glass, support 60 and 40 Hz refresh rates, dome-switch keys keyboard with backlight, large turbofan, 1TB/2TB M.2 SSD, up to 32 GB LPDDR5 RAM, USB4 (40 Gbps) technology with dual Type-C charging, 4G LTE module, AAC super linear dual stereo speakers, microSDXC slot, Wi-Fi 6, and a host of I/Os.

GPD said it will be taking the GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform where you will be able to secure a unit for a discount price of 6,230 Hong Kong dollars and up (about US$802).

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Meanwhile, you may learn more over at its Indiegogo campaign preview page.

GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device
GPD WIN 4 Handheld Gaming Device

Images: GPD.

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