GPD Win Max Officially Announced In China Through Various Social Media Platforms

GPD. The Shenzhen-based company best known for turning up impossibly small but pretty damn stylish laptop has a new gaming laptop called GPD Win Max. In the tradition of the Win line, the GPD Win Max has the same odd layout of gaming pad controls and trackpad above the tiny keyboard.

GPD P2 Max Is No Bigger Than An iPad mini 4, Staking Claim As The “World’s Smallest Ultrabook”

China-based computer maker who kind of carved a niche in making tiny laptop, AKA ultra mobile PC (UMPC), or basically a netbook is back on Indiegogo peddling its latest tiny laptop called GPD P2 Max. Billed as the world’s smallest ultrabook, the GPD P2 Max is about the size of an iPad mini 4, measuring […]

GPD Pocket Puts The Power Of A Laptop In The Palm Of Your Hand

I am not sure about the market for tiny laptop, or as some would call it UMPC (ultra mobile PC), given the current state of smartphone and tablet development, but in case you are in the market for one, here’s one for your consideration. Called GPD Pocket, this super portable full-fledged laptop features a Corning […]