Oakley LIVESTRONG Collection for LIVESTRONG Day

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(photos: Oakley) Oakley LIVESTRONG Collection | from US$135.00 | www.oakley.com

Oakley, the pioneer of sports eyewear, has teamed up with Livestrong to introduce a collection, aptly dubbed as Oakley Livestrong Collection, to commemorate the Livestrong Day (October 2). included in the collection is a range of sunglasses (some called them shades), eyewears and a brand new special edition luxury wristwatch. according to Oakley, a portion of the proceeds from the Oakley LIVESTRONG collection will go to the LIVESTRONG foundation. for the uninitiated, LIVESTRONG is a foundation founded by former world champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, that aims to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.
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all sunglasses and eyewears sport the usual Oakley polished black finish (and some with black iridium) with a touch of yellow, which is a LIVESTRONG foundation signature color. as for the prices, they are pretty much very Oakley-priced with a starting price of $135 for the LIVESTRONG Straight Jacket and runs up to $210 for the LIVESTRONG Jawbone (not be confused with the Bluetooth headset maker, Jawbone). as for the eyewears, they are strictly available offline via Authorized Oakley Prescription Dealer only. the only time piece in this collection, the LIVESTRONG Special Edition Watch, will set you back at $3,050. a little pricey as far as sport-oriented watches are concerned but if you have deeper than usual pockets, this is your chance to own this exclusive time piece while making a difference to those suffering from cancer. for more information, do head on to Oakley LIVESTRONG website.

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