Good news, retro gaming fanatics! You can consider ditching your many retro consoles and enjoy all you favorite retro video games from a single, palm-size console – thanks to RetroEngine Sigma. RetroEngine Sigma, the brainchild of Doyodo Team, is style retro-listically too, with a form that looks much like the Sega Mega Drive AKA Genesis. Beyond the retro look and under the hood, this dream retro console is all modern, packing a 4-core processor along with a pair of USB for any USB controller, HDMI output for hooking up with modern TV sets, and an additional expansion port by the way of a micro USB port that, when used with an adapter, can support another USB controller, or Bluetooth dongle, or rigging up to a USB hub.

RetroEngine Sigma Retro Gaming Game Console

The best part about this retro-licious, play-it-all video game console is, you need not have to deal with emulators, which means, no messing with hair-tearing setting up and configuration process. It makes playing your favorite retro game a true plug-and-play affair. RetroEngine Sigma will come preinstalled with 15 games and its in-built plug-and-play installer allows for download, configure and installation of additional emulators available through public sources and repositories. Modern technology does not stop there; the setup process is make painless through the use of your smartphone or tablet, while built-in WiFi enables your smartphone to serve as a keyboard and even as an additional game controller.

If RetroEngine Sigma Retro Gaming Game Console tickles your fancy, you may want to join over 1,300 backers on Indiegogo who has since pre-ordered a unit. Another good news is, the campaign has, not surprisingly, met its funding goal and therefore, your pledge will constitute to a pre-order. Pledges for a unit start at $49 with shipment expected to happen sometime in April/May 2017. Keep going for the product pitch video to learn more.

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Images: RetroEngine/Doyodo Team.

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