The Delta Shovel by DMOS Collective

Whether you are a camper or an off-road adventurer, you will need a shovel. Actually, no. More often than not, you will probably convince yourself that you don’t need one because it was too clunky to bring one. However, with the new The Delta Shovel by DMOS Collective, you may find no excuse not to bring a shovel. The Delta Shovel sits between the not-so-portable contractor shovel and the super portable but under-performing e-tool, and yet, it is totally super portable – thanks to its innovative collapsible design.

Collapsible almost always associates with lack of strength, but that’s not case with The Delta Shovel. In fact, DMOS said The Delta Shovel has the “best strength-to-weight ratio of any full-sized shovel.” With a 3 mm blade crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum or 12-gauge cold rolled steel, The Delta Shovel offers a foldable 3-position head, allowing it to be used as a shovel, a hoe, or just fold up for compact stowing.

Plus, it boasts a 2 mm thick wall telescopic shaft – anodized for durability, that lets you adjust the length to suit the task, or simply to collapse it into a stowable form factor. It further features 12-gauge steel connector, extra wide 2-inch foot pad, stainless detente pin with retention wire, 3-inch overlap segments for strength, and a reinforced injection molded nylon Zytel T-grip. Last but not least, the shove is tested to lift over a thousand pounds (450+ kilograms). Now that, my friends, is a tough-ass shovel.

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If you are keen, you can find The Delta Shovel by DMOS Collective on Kickstarter where you can pick up one as a pre-order for $159-249. Continue reading to catch the pitch video.

All images courtesy of DMOS Collective.