Litmor Battery-powered Security Camera

There’s a new home security camera in town that is kind of making waves on Kickstarter right now. It is called Litmor Battery Camera from a Hong Kong-based company of the same name. Litmor Battery Camera is a unique sphere-shaped camera that, as the name hints, is absolutely cable-free.

Litmor Battery-powered Security Camera

There could be many reasons why it has received these many attentions. Perhaps, backers was drawn to the fact that it is wire-free and sells at just $49. It could be its incredible battery life that could last for up to a year, or it could be of the smart alert algorithm it boasts.

Litmor claims that its smart alert algorithm is capable of identifying security events “more accurately.” Whatever the reason(s) is(are), this little guy is getting a whole of love from backers. I am incline to think that it was its bargain price that was the pushing factor.

Litmor Battery-powered Security Camera

Other features include local microSD storage (i.e. no recurring monthly or yearly subscription fee), two-way communication, customizable monitoring like motion zone and monitor scheduling, color night vision, 1080p HD video recording, and an IP66 weather resistant construction.

Not so early birds can secure a unit for just $49 and if that runs out, you are looking at 59 bucks a pop. The campaign is, at this moment, over 870 percent funded and if all goes as planned on Litmor’s part, you should be seeing this little guy at your doorstep next month, in September 2019.

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All images courtesy of Litmor.