You heard of drones patrolling industrial complexes and the idea of camera-armed drone patrolling your property’s backyard and perimeter. Well, today, or rather last week, video doorbell maker Ring takes it a step further, or should we say, a step inner, with an indoor drone that patrols room-to-room.

Ring Always Home Cam Indoor Security Drone

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is how far we have progressed in home security. I would imagine you will need a fair big home to warrant an indoor drone. No? Anyhoo, the product is called Ring Always Home Cam.

It is no different from any home security camera, really, except that it flies. This means, potentially, you need just one cam to cover your home. Best of all, you no longer have to guess if you have left the oven open or if you have drawn the curtain or not because, you can remotely fly the device to check on those places of worry.

Ring Always Home Cam Indoor Security Drone

In addition to checking on your worries, Ring Always Home Cam can autonomously fly around the house along predetermined paths set by you. It can be used in conjunction with other Ring products, such as the Ring Alarm, to check on disturbances when an alarm sensor is triggered. So, it is essentially a security guard.

Ring said Ring Always Home Cam will only record video when in flight and it will do so with an audible sound, so household members will be aware. When not in use, it will stay docked and the camera inactive. Awww. What a shame. I actually thought it is a stationary security camera when not flying.

Ring Always Home Cam Indoor Security Drone

Ring Always Home Cam Indoor Security Drone sell for US$249.99 when it becomes available in 2021. It is worthy to note that Ring Always Home Cam is not the first indoor security drone. But we think it might just popularized it.

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All images courtesy of Ring.

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